Roald Woods

is Rob Vega.

Roald Woods is a man of many talents; so many, in fact, he goes by two names. You may know him as the inimitable Hot 1027 FM host, Rob Vega, as a voice artist he is the World Voice Guy.

Rob Vega is a bit of a chameleon. His versatile voice talents are convincingly charming, professionally persuasive and entertaining every time. Rob has even taken his talents to space – well, sort of ...

with a talking role in Starship Troopers!

Rob’s dulcet tones can be heard on tv, radio, corporate presentations, online and a variety of other media. A masterful impressionist, Rob is able to unnervingly inhabit many famous personalities, but his bread and butter comes from his neutral baritone delivery.

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Let's get better acquainted.

Rob Vega is an award-winning voice actor with more than two decades and three countries' experience to his credit. He offers his clientele a truly international sound in a range of styles.

Having travelled and lived in many parts of the world, Rob has an expansive and unusual vocal range of accents and impersonations from a variety of countries and cultures.

Rob is pretty easygoing, which makes him a director’s dream. He’s a one-take wonder with fast turnaround time in the studio and he brings a confident approach to every project.

Remote work isn’t a problem either. Rob is able to link-up with studios and directors across the world via his Source Connect enabled studio.

He records for clients from all over the world, including Comedy Central Africa and the Middle East, sports networks, retail chains, animation projects, TV promo studios, commercial outlets, auto companies and he performs a host of impersonations ranging from Arnold Schwarzenegger to Nelson Mandela.


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Featured voice projects

You may recognise Rob’s voice from one of many TV adverts, promos or events. He has voiced a variety of projects for top local and international brands.


Listen to some of the best.

He is well-known for his convincing impressions, but also does very well at more serious reads.


On camera

Watch Rob on camera.

Sometimes, Rob comes out of the voice booth or studio to perform in front of the camera. He has made appearances online and on television, both in South Africa and abroad.


New York

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